A new face at Nova

We’d like you to meet Mr. Callum Mitchell, the latest member of the crew at Nova Studios Ltd.

Callum brings a great range of skills to the company – not only can he fling about a camera with skill, flair and style, but he’s got a great eye for a story, a fresh approach to cutting and a real talent for putting movement into graphics – so expect to see Callum’s influence across all of Nova’s output.

When you run a small business like ours, where we’ve built our reputation on story-telling films that grab the attention, look great and inspire viewers, then bringing a new member into the team is a big step.

We’ve got high standards when it comes to the creativity and skill we put into our work. Not only that, but we needed to find someone who fits with us; whoever we’re paying needs to laugh at our jokes, drink our tea and join in when we rant and cry about Brexit. Cliché time, but we’re more like a weird family than a business, we wanted a cool, funny, hard-working younger brother who knew how to make ace films.

So we went to the University of Lincoln and asked who was their outstanding media graduate in 2018? They immediately suggested Callum. In fact, they liked him so much they’d already given him a job at the university as their own, in-house film-maker.

So we checked out his work, liked it, met him, liked him, offered him far too much money and now here he is – living in sunny ‘ull and working full time for Nova.

The young Geordie supremo has already made his influence felt very positively at Nova. Two fast-moving short films – one for Visit Hull and East Yorkshire and one for Absolutely Cultured – show off his talents, and our excellent city – brilliantly.

Nova welcomes Callum, his Kinder Buenos, and his undoubted talent – with wide open legs arms. He’s a fresh of breath air.

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