BBC4 doc Handmade in Hull – the sincerest form of flattery for Nova

Originality and craft matter at Nova

Just over a year ago, in the summer of 2016, we shot a short film for one of our biggest clients KCOM, about one of the last people in the world to make compasses by hand.

It is a film we’re very proud of and one we loved making.

Brian Walker has worked for Cookes Nautical Instruments on Lowgate in Hull for the last 50 years. For Brian – and for us too – quality and craft have an almost spiritual importance in work and life. If a thing is worth doing then it should be done well, and with all of your skill and heart.

Tonight (Thursday November 16) at 11pm on BBC4 Brian is one of the subjects of the documentary Handmade in Hull.

Cookes is a wonderful place and it’s great to see that Brian is getting some recognition for his craft and the years that he has put into making beautiful, practical, technical instruments.

Telling stories is our craft. We listen to people, we strive to shoot beautiful images, and we edit to enhance and reveal the beauty in both words and images. We want viewers to be moved. Like Brian, we set high standards, we try our best and we hope that is reflected in our work.

And originality matters to us.

Here’s the film we made about Brian more than a year ago:


And here’s a clip featuring Brian from the BBC documentary that will be shown tonight: click to watch.

We’ll leave it to you to compare the two.

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