Hull Minster

In the past few years at Nova Studios we’ve filmed all kinds of events taking place in Holy Trinity Parish Church, renamed Hull Minster in 2017. During that time we’ve seen this beautiful building and place of worship do an amazing job of becoming one of the city’s greatest assets at the heart of our […]

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Paul Burwell - Nova Studios

Paul Burwell – an update for you

We’re currently in the middle of a long and fascinating project telling the story of the artist Paul Burwell. Not only was Paul a remarkable person, he was an influential figure in British art, performance and music from the early 1970s until his death in Hull in 2007. Nova’s story of how one of the […]

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War Stories

In the spring of 2014 we were commissioned by Hull Heritage Learning to produce three short films about the impact of the First World War in the Humber region. Of the three films we produced, perhaps the most moving is the story of two brothers, Sydney and Arthur Markham, told by their niece Margaret Markham. […]

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