Exploring diversity in general practice with NHS Health Education England

At Nova we believe that everybody should be treated equally and afforded the same respect and opportunity to be happy and healthy and we know lots of people who feel the same.

Sadly, those beliefs are not always reflected in the world in which we live. Saying everybody has the right to be treated fairly and equally, is not the same as actually being treated fairly and equally: prejudice, unconscious bias and downright ignorance continue to prevent all kinds of people from achieving their potential.

So, we were particularly proud to be asked to produce a film for NHS Health Education England exploring the lives and experiences of GPs and health care staff, and how their diverse backgrounds and life experiences bring real benefits to our communities.

There has been much discussion recently about the concept of being ‘woke’ – and much of that discussion is framed by the idea that to be woke is a bad thing; it’s the old argument about being ‘political correctness gone mad’ re-hashed.

If being woke or politically correct means being aware of the many ways that our words and actions are part of bigger and more entrenched prejudices and injustices, then yes, we’re always trying to keep our eyes open and our actions in check.

We’re all still learning and there are always things we can improve and more that can be done.

We believe films can change the world and plenty still needs to change.

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