Being Me: Exploring Diversity In General Practice

NHS England | Being Me: Exploring Diversity In General Practice | Novas Studios | Hull

A series of intercut conversations (we prefer conversations to interviews) with NHS staff from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Real people with real experiences talking about attitudes to diversity and equality in the workplace.

Creating an environment where people can speak openly and comfortably is essential. The way to do that is with warmth, respect, patience and sensitivity. If the participants in a film know that you care about what they’ve got to say, then they’ll take the time to share their thoughts.

There was no B-roll for this film. From a technical perspective that requires a particular approach. It means we’ve got nothing to hide the cuts – everything is on show. You can’t cut the ums and ahs and pauses – what you shoot is what you see.

So that means a pacy intercut. We ask everyone similar questions and develop similar themes through our conversations. When it’s cut with skill, from one person to another, the themes develop without feeling forced.

And it helps if you make sure the production values are great too. It might have been shot in a doctors’ surgery in Gilberdyke, but we gave it the full Netflix interview set-up.

"As always, Nova have been brilliant. The project we have just completed was potentially difficult, but they handled it perfectly. They generated such warmth from participants and we have ended up with really natural and powerful contributions. It's the second time I have worked with them on a project that required real sensitivity and understanding when working with participants from diverse cultural backgrounds. This is a real strength of theirs and distinct added value. Thanks team!"

Dom Patterson, Seventeen Seconds