Graduate Stories

Hull York Medical School | Graduate Stories | Novas Studios | East Yorkshire

When Hull York Medical School wanted to create films highlighting the achievements and values of some of their recent graduates, they came to Nova.

It’s the kind-of content marketing we love making – people with interesting stories, speaking openly about their experiences. The marketing team at the medical school wanted the films to be natural and conversational – no heavy sell – just young doctors talking about how the time they spent at Hull York helped them on their path: so a relaxed interview set up was essential.

These films were shot in hospitals all over the UK. We worked closely with the Hull York team, as well as the comms teams in the various hospitals to gain appropriate consents and ensure our work had minimal impact on the running of the wards.

From a well-planned two-hour shoot you’ll see relaxed interviewees speaking directly down the lens to the viewer, together with documentary B-roll shot in real working situations.

Unfussy, real, straightforward and friendly. We like it like that.