Growing up in the Blitz

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In January 2024, we had the privilege of sitting down with Janet Barker in her childhood home, Beverley Road’s Station Inn.

Janet’s formative memories are of life in the pub in the 1930s. She recalled the joys of every day life growing up on Beverley Road in the years before the war. “It was regarded as one of the best roads because you had some fine buildings, the swimming baths, a log of nice big houses, Pearson Park, of course.”

But then in 1939, the advent of war changed everything.

This film made as part of our series with the Beverley Road Townscape Heritage Scheme tells the story of Janet’s experience as a child during the blitz on Beverley Road – a street that was marked as a key strategic target for German bombers.

Despite being so young at the time, Janet’s memories are remarkably vivid and it was a pleasure to spend a morning listening to her recollections of such a significant moment in history.

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