India Study Tour

India Study Tour - University of Hull - Nova Studios

User Generated Content or UGC is a rich source of content especially in an online world dominated by social media.

In the right hands footage shot on a smart phone can be made into something professional, exciting and right at home on the front page of a website.

This Uni of Hull film is a case in point.

B-roll here has been filmed entirely by students on a study trip to India and combined with interviews filmed and conducted by Nova recounting their travels.

Self-shot photos and pieces to camera all make the cut and are brought together through a multi-screen template and lively edit.

The final product is an energetic documentary style account of the trip with a personal touch and broadcast quality finish.

"Have worked with Nova for several years now, and they always do a fantastic job, adding the value of their expertise and experience along the way. Highly recommended."

Maria Sellors