Menai Suspension Bridge Footway Replacement

Spencer Group Menai Bridge Commercial Construction Documentary Video Production Hull

Spencer are based in Hull and regarded as one of the UKs leading civil engineering design-and-build companies, especially when it comes to highly technical, difficult-to-solve projects. Working regularly with Spencer for ten years has taken us all over the UK – and it’s their work on some of the nation’s iconic bridges that really stands out, including the Humber Bridge, the Forth Road Bridge, the Menai Bridge and one of the oldest suspension bridges in the world – the Union Chain Bridge near Berwick.

On complicated technical projects like the films we make for Spencer, it’s about asking the right questions and listening properly to the answers.

We need to understand the working relationships between clients, consultants, contractors, and sub-contractors as well as the basic principles behind the amazing engineering involved in the work.

After nearly ten years of work with Spencer, we’ve not only learned a lot about engineering and safety, but we’re proud to know their people, their strengths, their company culture, the respect they have for their clients and the way they want to communicate.