Microsoft Hololens

University Of Hull Video Production Microsoft Hololens Education Documentary

The vast majority of the 250+ films that we produce each year are between 15 seconds and four minutes long and produced mainly for social media – but not all of them. Sometimes we’re asked to help document a longer project and produce content that will be used in contexts other than the fast-paced, flickering, content-hungry world of the socials. 

Tech company VISR teamed-up with Microsoft and the University of Hull to offer a summer-long accelerator programme for graduates to develop ways that virtual reality software could be incorporated into partner companies including Audi, Centrica and Budweiser.

Our job was to capture the personalities of the participants through the ups, downs, excitement and success of their eight-week programme and produce a film that could be used in presentations or online for an audience who were already engaged but wanted a deeper-dive.

Following some extensive pre-planning to pinpoint the milestones along the journey, this film is essentially gun-and-run documentary film-making.