Stronger Together

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At the start of the pandemic, during the first lockdown, Visit Hull and the city council came to Nova when they wanted a film that would capture the hearts of the city’s residents and help to reassure everyone that Hull would bounce back… The only way to write a script for a film like this is to listen to your own emotions and find a way to the unique character of the place and its people: “We’ve known celebrations, but we’ve known hard times too – that’s what makes us strong. This is a city of stories and song, and we are people of character; rooted in the land, facing the sea, we belong to the past, but look to the future… and if hard times come again, we’ll change and grow…” Our excellent shooter Cal shot poetic footage of empty streets and Andy Train delivered the VO over Zoom.

60,000 Facebook views – and when people tell us the film made them cry because they love the city so much then hopefully we’re hitting the spot.