The Best Is Yet To Come


When we started work on this film in 2009 the world was a very different place.

The first iPhone was only released in 2007, Instagram hadn’t even begun and we were shooting on mini-dv cassettes.


14 years later we’re now beginning post-production of the first cut of this epic documentary with BAFTA winning director Dan Gordon as our executive producer. It’s been an amazing ride which has genuinely changed our lives, taking us to Sierra Leone in West Africa and right across Europe from the forests of Sweden to the shores of Lake Trichonda near Agrinio in Greece – and back again to all of them – several times.

Through making this film we’ve greatly improved our skills as shooters, interviewers and editors, we’ve learned tons and experienced so much; our footballer friend Alhassan ‘Crespo’ Kamara, his wife Pernilla and both of their families have become some of our closest friends.

We’ve high hopes for this, but there’s still a way to go. With a working title taken from Crespo’s social media hashtag TheBestIsYetToCome the film is real Dick Whittington rags-to-riches, migration story, following our hero’s fortunes from a forgotten corner of one of the poorest countries in the world, to successes and frustrations on football’s international stage and ultimately the realisation that only love can make you whole.

We think we’ve got a special story to tell. Let’s see if any of the big broadcasters and streaming services agree…