We All Want To Be Together Again

Video Production Hull City Council We All Want To Be Together Again Scripted Interviews

Though the Covid lockdowns are like some strange dream now, at the time getting the correct public health messages out was vitally important but with so many mixed messages and shifting goalposts, it was also incredibly difficult for the local authority and health professionals charged with that job.

Hull City Council commissioned Nova to produce a public health infomercial for social media promoting the ‘stay safe’ messages. Our treatment was to interview a diverse range of residents about their own attitudes to staying safe, montage the audio from those interviews and then show those people in their own Hull settings, going about their daily lives.

It was about not scaring the living daylights out of everyone, staying positive, promoting a sense of community but still being strong on the messages.

Understanding the messages and the audience, respecting and listening to our participants, shooting great-looking footage, telling a story – this stuff matters at Nova.