Here’s why you should go to Hull City Hall on November 18

We’re very pleased to announce that Nova Studios’ Basil Kirchin documentary Mind On The Run will be shown alongside the iconic 1982 Godfrey Reggio film Koyaanisqatsi on November 18, presented by top regional jazz and new music promoters J-Night.

Mind On The Run (40 mins) will open the proceedings, followed by the excellent GoGoPenguin performing their own Basil Kirchin tribute ‘As Above, So Below’ which was specially commissioned for the PRS New Music Bienniale which took place in Hull earlier this year.
And then the remarkable Koyaanisqatsi accompanied by GoGoPenguin performing an entirely new live score.

It’s a good thing.

If you don’t know much about Koyaanisqatsi (pronounced Koy–ah-nis-kat-si) or you’ve never seen it then you’re in for a treat.

The word comes from the Hopi Indian language and means ‘life without balance’ and – without words, through slow motion and time-lapse footage of the landscape and cityscapes of America combined with an original score by minimalist composer Philip Glass – the film explores the impact that mankind is making on the world.

Back in the 80s it was something of a cult film, popular with music lovers, mind-expanded types and the greener-leaning sections of society, at the time there’d never been anything like it.

Hull’s own Basil Kirchin probably saw it himself at some point – it was certainly up his street. Basil Kirchin is certainly not a million miles away from the likes of Steve Reich, Terry Riley and Philip Glass. Basil himself was very fond of a smoke – and Koyaanisqatsi was always popular with the stoner community.

My and my mates were blown away by it. For anyone now over 45 working in film production, Koyaanisqatsi has left an enduring influence. And with timelapse, hyper-lapse, drone and slo-mo such  stock-in-trade techniques (in fact, often clichéd and tired techniques) nowadays, it will be interesting to see if Koyaanisqatsi retains it’s impact 35 years after its original release.

We reckon it will. Great art stands the test of time and Koyaanisqatsi was always transcendent.

It’s a beautiful, poetic and slightly terrifying film, and we’re really looking forward to seeing what the remarkable GoGoPenguin have done with the score.

Hull’s own Basil Kirchin would’ve been fascinated. Not only did he score films himself, when he wasn’t making music that tested the boundaries of what we think music can be, he was watching films and smoking a spliff.

Basil Kirchin, Mind On The Run, GoGoPenguin and Koyaanisqatsi, a fine way to spend a Saturday night.

basil and esther kirchin

Tickets are priced from £20 are available from Hull City Hall.

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