Hull Minster

In the past few years at Nova Studios we’ve filmed all kinds of events taking place in Holy Trinity Parish Church, renamed Hull Minster in 2017. During that time we’ve seen this beautiful building and place of worship do an amazing job of becoming one of the city’s greatest assets at the heart of our community.

Don’t worry, this isn’t some kind of under-the-counter God persuader. We don’t worship any gods here at Nova – though we don’t have any issues with anyone who does.

But Neal Barnes (who, sadly, is leaving Hull soon) and the team at the minster really should be applauded for taking this beautiful, atmospheric, historic building and giving it back to the city which has grown around it.

To be honest, until three or four years ago, Holy Trinity felt like it needed some care and attention. Heritage Lottery Funding, community and church fund-raising have seen structural improvements to the roof, new seating, improved power and heating internally while Hull City Council did excellent work externally de-cluttering and improving Trinity Square.

As a result, Hull Minster is back where it belongs, one of the city’s greatest gems – something we can, and should, be proud of.

And the minster really has thrown open its doors to embrace the community with gin festivals, beer festivals, gigs, arts events and business events all bringing in people regardless of their religious beliefs.

I think they do that God stuff there too, not that I’ll be hurrying along for that.

So just to say “Well done Hull Minster. Good work!”, here’s a short compilation of some of the work we’ve shot there simply celebrate the ongoing transformation of Hull’s most special building.

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