Making a studio

We love it when a plan comes together…

An important new client recently approached us to help them make a large number of FAQ and instructional short films.

The films, one to two minutes in length, needed to be shot in batches of 10 or 15 at a time; the idea being that their friendly and articulate female presenter will talk the viewer through various medical problems and procedures, with superimposed animated graphics bringing extra clarity.

The films need to be shot in a controlled environment, well lit, quiet and with a plain background.

A studio basically.

But where do you find a small studio in Hull?

It seemed the best solution was to build one. So that’s what we did.

Nova’s premises are a little unusual. We work from an innocuous-looking Victorian terraced house – it looks like someone’s home, but it isn’t. It feels like working from home, but it isn’t. It’s where we work and we love it. All the rooms are our offices, except for one bedroom which we’d previously used as a storeroom…

I say previously because now it doubles as a studio. We’ve painted it white, we’ve had the room acoustically treated, we’ve bought blackout blinds, invested in some more LED lighting, we’ve already got autocue, green screen and, backdrops – so now our new client’s films can be shot in Nova’s very own ‘boutique’ studio.

We love developing the business to meet our clients’ needs. They’re happy, so we’re happy. 

And if ever you need a company to produce short, polished talking head-style web films – please look no further than Nova.

Photo by Benjamin Smith on Unsplash.

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