Mum and You

Mum and You is a progressive new online business, run by mums for mums, selling a wide range of own-label mother and baby products with a strong emphasis on being eco-friendly.

The London-based company, which sees parenting as the foundation of building a better world,  asked Nova to produce a short film for their website, introducing customers to the mums and dads who inspire the products – their very own staff. The film needed to be around three minutes in length and to show the philosophy of Mum and You, which values the kind-of flexible working hours that allow staff to both lead successful professional lives and still maintain a family life. 

In a series of short interviews, Nova learned what Mum and You staff feel about the company, what inspires them and how they feel supported as parents and as members of staff. 

People are often reticent about being interviewed. At Nova we always take time to put people at ease – we do everything we can to make the process as relaxed as possible. There’s never a hurry, there are no right or wrong answers, no-one shouts “Cut” and we don’t ask for re-takes. An interview with Nova is a conversation and we take time to connect with the people we’re speaking to. We know that if we’ve done our job right, our participants will forget about the cameras and tell us how they really feel.

And then it’s down to the edit. The end result is a short film that shows genuinely happy Mum and You employees, passionate about the services and products they offer. A simple, beautifully shot montage of voices and moving images that gives a real insight into the values of an innovative and very human company.

View the Mum and You ‘By Mums for Mums’ film here.


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