Nova and Sierra Leone

Nova Studios has been working regularly in Sierra Leone since 2006.  Our first visits helped to build a network of British Council supported school links between Freetown and Hull. Over that time we have built a strong relationship with Freetown-based youth media collective WeOwnTV which is led by our good friend and collaborator Lansana Mansaray […]

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The Big Picture Project

The City of Culture volunteers are an emblem of 2017 and all that it has meant for the city. They are one of the forces which have propelled the year to success. Always there, always smiling, ambassadors of Hull, rooting the year in the city that most of them call home. At Nova we had […]

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Keeping the viewer switched on to the end

Some of the films we make have a kind-of epic quality – like the City of Culture bid-winning film This City Belongs to Everyone or the Spencer Tunick Sea of Hull film, others are more personal story-telling films like our How Do You Have a Happy Life series for 2017. Either way, what we always […]

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Pretty lights - Merry Christmas :)

It’s been a great year for Hull – and for Nova too

It’s Christmas so let’s say nice things and be grateful… If you can judge a person by the company they keep then at Nova Studios we’re very pleased to have such excellent friends, colleagues, clients, partners and associates. We hope that their wonderfulness reflects on us and that they continue to rub off on us […]

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Matt and Al on the Made in Hull opening artwork

We’re proud to have been part of the Made in Hull team

In 2016 Nova producer Harriet Jones was charged with researching and supplying all of the archive for the Made In Hull opening artworks – here she reflects on a job that kicked off 2017 with pride. Hull always had a great story to tell and 2017 has proved that Hull’s story is one of triumph […]

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What has 2017 meant to Bobby Mandrell?

Our 2017 project How Do You Have A Happy Life focusses on 12 counterparts in Hull and our sister city Freetown. Hull’s own Ray Millington, and his glitzy stage alter-ego Bobby Mandrell, brought some glamour to the proceedings. Here he reflects on what 2017 meant to him. How did you feel about being filmed for […]

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Alfie - a teenage Elvis tribute act

A teenage Elvis Tribute Act

It’s not everyday that you meet a teenage Elvis Tribute Act (ETA) so it was hard to know what to expect when we met Alfie Pearson ETA. It was a Wednesday afternoon, and we were at the Ryder Club, on Coltman Street, Hull. Ryder was in itself a phenomenon, packed to the rafters by 2 […]

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Here’s why you should go to Hull City Hall on November 18

We’re very pleased to announce that Nova Studios’ Basil Kirchin documentary Mind On The Run will be shown alongside the iconic 1982 Godfrey Reggio film Koyaanisqatsi on November 18, presented by top regional jazz and new music promoters J-Night. Mind On The Run (40 mins) will open the proceedings, followed by the excellent GoGoPenguin performing […]

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Say Yes to Freedom

Nova Studios are delighted to be the film company of choice for Hull’s fantastic Freedom Festival. Now ten years old, Freedom has become one of the biggest and most important events in Hull’s calendar. After producing the promotional film for this year’s festival, Freedom commissioned Nova to document the whole event. Which meant all hands […]

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