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The ten things you need to consider when planning your film…

If making a film is something new for your organisation, Nova’s Matt Stephenson offers a guide to what’s involved. 1)    Find your film company. Check out the different suppliers – watch a couple of their films, see who employs them regularly and get a feel for their quality – the way their films look […]

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A film about a Hull Dance School which has had a defining impact on ballet in Britain … And Why Local Matters… When I first started work on newspapers before the turn of the last century (1999). I was told never to use the word local. “We are local,” was the instruction. Because where you […]

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Doing it because we love it

We get lots of letters and emails from graduates and young people who are looking to get into the business, and we always try to make time to respond. It’s hard when you’re trying to get started. But the most important thing so far as we’re concerned, is that you’ve got a portfolio that really […]

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basil and esther kirchin

Mind on the Run

Mind On The Run, Nova Studios 45 minute documentary about the great ‘lost’ British composer Basil Kirchin, is slowly gaining cult status at festivals and in arthouse cinemas around the UK. The film was commissioned by Hull 2017 as the springboard for the rediscovery of Kirchin’s work, which also included a festival weekend of live […]

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Promoting diversity and equality

Promoting diversity and equality is absolutely integral to the work we do at Nova Studios. For too long the media has overlooked anyone considered hard to reach, anyone it doesn’t know how to talk to, anyone it’s scared of or anyone who doesn’t fit into an easy box with a simple label. Things are changing, […]

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Welcoming Harriet and Josh

Thanks to significant contracts with two of our biggest clients, Nova Studios Ltd is pleased to announce that our team is expanding with two new members – Josh Moore and Harriet Jones – joining the company. We think that one of our strengths is our ability to produce beautifully shot and edited films with people […]

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nova studios and Sir Tom Courtenay

This City Belongs, 4 years later

It hardly seems like 4 years ago that our team at Nova won the contract to produce the film that would help Hull to become City of Culture 2017. In late July 2013 we heard that the council were tendering the job, there was a week to turn around and submit a concept, before panel […]

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sea of hull nova studios

Sea of Hull

Spencer Tunick’s remarkable 2016 Sea of Hull mass participation artwork was one of the events that truly helped the world see that Hull deserve the title City of Culture. And Nova Studios Ltd were the company chosen to work alongside Spencer’s team to officially document the work for KCOM, the Ferens Art Gallery and Hull […]

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