Nova collaborates with Yorkshire Post on innovative new series

We’re excited to announce Meet The Makers – an innovative series of magazine features and accompanying films that we have written and produced in collaboration with The Yorkshire Post.

For Nova Studios, this has been a great opportunity to combine our skills in visual storytelling together with our editorial and journalistic experience: we’ve not only made the films but we’ve written the features too.

Nova’s Matt Stephenson explains how the collaboration came about:

“We’re always busy with commercial work – and grateful for that – and we’re well known for being able to get to the heart of our clients’ messages, but we wanted to produce some purely editorial content that would allow us to not only spread our wings creatively, but also show our skills to a wider audience.

“Barney and I both have a background in journalism – I worked for The Guardian and the Hull Daily Mail as a columnist and feature writer, Barney has an MA in journalism and has worked in both news and features – so newspapers are close to our hearts and we’re pleased to keep the journalistic skills honed. In fact, it was my ex-Hull Daily Mail editor John Meehan who introduced us to the editor of The Yorkshire Post.

Creating something meaningful and lasting

“The idea we presented was to find the best craftspeople in Yorkshire, document their work and find out what makes them tick. We knew we’d find visually rich material that our cinematographer Callum Mitchell would love working with, as well as interesting stories to get our teeth into.

“But more than that,” explains Matt, “the Meet The Makers series is about people who create work that stands the test of time. So much of what we see and buy is instant and disposable – we wanted to identify Nova Studios with craftspeople who use their creativity, intelligence and soul to create something that is meaningful and lasting; it’s the same approach we take to our own work.

“It was a privilege to produce work for The Yorkshire Post which is so rooted in the region and has such a reputation for enduring quality – it’s the perfect platform.”

The Meet The Makers series also has a pleasingly circular benefit – the Yorkshire Post get great content for their Saturday magazine and online, the makers we’ve focused on get free publicity and a beautiful film about their work, and at Nova we get to immerse ourselves in work we love – combining shortform film-making with journalism.

The Yorkshire Post Magazine in video form

Catherine Scott, editor of the Yorkshire Post Magazine said: “This has been an inspiring project to work on and we have been blown away by the quality of Nova’s work. The films they have produced are essentially The Yorkshire Post Magazine in video form – profiling the human stories of inspiring people from our area.”

The Yorkshire Post kick-off the series with a feature about the Nova team on Saturday May 11, and Meet The Makers will run in The Yorkshire Post magazine and online every Saturday for six weeks from May 18

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