Content Marketing & Mini Docs

Content marketing is where brand and editorial meet, it’s stories about real people – and it’s one of our specialities. At Nova the films we make have the highest production and editorial values. Our directors find the story, we interview and shoot with care and respect, our editors work with rhythm and pace. Every story, every message has a life and a heart. When we’ve found the heart of the story, we’re ready to make the film.

"“The films included interviewing members, a prospect they (the Senior Tiger’s members) found daunting. However the film crew of Barney, Callum and Lydia were so professionally aware of this that they made it so easy for the members. “Great planning, consultation at each point, great choice of locations and easy going manner enabled the filming to be a joy for all involved. The Senior Tigers were so pleased with the very professional end result and those involved were proud to have been part of its success.”"

Tony Conway, Chair of The Senior Tigers