Producing lockdown Zoom films for Hull York Medical School

During the last couple of years, we’ve visited hospitals all over the country for Hull York Medical School, visiting young doctors and hearing about their lives and their journeys and creating short films for potential new recruits to the school.

When lockdown started, we needed to take a different approach. Whilst we’d always prefer to meet people face-to-face to shoot interviews and B-roll, the medical school still needed to keep making content so we switched to Zoom recording our interviews and the young doctors used their phones to self-shoot the B-roll.

Of course, the films don’t have the same level of professional polish we’d normally pride ourselves on – Zoom footage can be jumpy and is much lower quality; and self-shot phone footage is always going to be hit or miss.

But those things can have their own charm, and what we got was a conversational insight into the real lives of these young doctors with footage from their own perspective.

Check out Tasha’s story below

Doctors and film makers – both good listeners

One of the things that all of the Hull York graduates enthuse about is the way the medical school involves them real patients and the huge emphasis that is placed on becoming good listeners and developing good communication skills.

Those same skills are right at the front of the work we do at Nova. We do lots and lots of interviews with all kinds of people… Interviews about projects and workplaces, interviews about people and feelings and life, interviews with famous people and interviews with people just like us – regular people who are just trying to make sense of it all.

And we try our very best to put everybody at ease. We do this by being nice. We treat everybody with the same warmth, respect, sensitivity and intelligence that we would hope they’d also show us. We also treat our own team and crews that way – because when the participants and interviewees in our films see crew members who are kind, happy and caring, then they feel that they can also relax and share the views.

Treat people with kindness and respect and you’ll feel it coming back.

Watch our films for Hull York Medical School and you’ll soon learn that the doctors they produce also share that view.

Client feedback

We were very proud when our client Rachel Dennis, digital marketing officer at Hull York Medical School, left this review for us on Google:

“I absolutely love working with Nova Studios – they’re more of an extended part of our team than an agency. Nova have always ‘got’ us – our brand, what we’re striving for, and who we’re trying to reach. They are always keen to think about approaching our videography in different ways with us, putting new and different perspectives on the stories we have to tell. They are also great at putting people at ease in front of the camera and getting the most of an interview. We have always been really pleased with what they produce. On top of that – and importantly – they’re all genuinely lovely people. If you use Nova, you won’t be disappointed – I can’t praise them highly enough!”

Thanks Rachel and colleagues – we love making films, but if we were training to be doctors, we’d choose you!

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