Sea of Hull

Spencer Tunick’s remarkable 2016 Sea of Hull mass participation artwork was one of the events that truly helped the world see that Hull deserve the title City of Culture.

And Nova Studios Ltd were the company chosen to work alongside Spencer’s team to officially document the work for KCOM, the Ferens Art Gallery and Hull City Council.

It was a real privilege to work closely with the team. Closing the city centre to allow 3,200 people to strip naked, paint themselves blue and green and be photographed in a variety of locations at dawn was an amazing and perfectly executed feat of organisation by Hull City Council.

Nova’s team on the day consisted of a director, three cameras and a drone. Our brief was to produce an 8-10 minute film which captured the emotion, the camerarderie and the sheer spectacle of an event which attracted the attention of the world’s media and really helped to put Hull on the map.

Nova Studios Ltd now attract bookings from leading arts organisations across the country when they are looking for a company who can help them document large scale events with the highest production values and with the warmth, heart and feeling that shows the impact of work on both its audiences and participants.

The film we produced has currently achieved over 170,000 hits on YouTube and is part of the excellent SKIN exhibition at Hull’s Ferens Art Gallery which runs until Sunday August 13.

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