Thank you

Hopefully it doesn’t happen too often, but if ever you’ve had cause to dial 999 then a whole system kicks in to get to you the help and support you need.

It’s one of those things that we take for granted and yet, when you think about it, it’s one of the wonders of the world: how remarkable that we have built a society which has the people, services and systems which can save our lives – and all at the end of a phone line.

APD Communications – based in Newland Business Park, Hull – supply the software which drives many of the UK emergency control centres that provide us with those life-and-death services.

APD recently launched the UK’s first ever Control Room Awards, to recognise the people on the end of the phone who play such a vital role in helping us when we need it.

And we’re very proud that APD chose Nova Studios Ltd to help them say thank you to the unsung heroes for whom saving lives is all in a day’s work.

Marketing and Sales Manager Rhiannon Beeson came to us with one of those beautifully straightforward ideas “we want to say thank you ”. Rio and her colleague Jane wanted diversity – young, old, abilities, colours and genders… the rest grew out of discussion; we scripted some voiceover and added some timelapse, some footage from call centres and a little blue light activity…

…and then the unique ingredient that comes with the edit – the thing that somehow makes one meal taste better than the other… 

There is always more than one way to make a film, but it has to taste right at the end.

And if you get it right people react: sometimes they smile, sometimes they laugh, sometimes they cry and sometimes the film helps them see the world a little differently.

APDs ‘thank you’ film was shown at the end of their Control Room Awards ceremony. 

This was a night that the control centre staff who took the terrified calls when the residents of Grenfell Tower were trapped were recognised and thanked for their efforts.

So we’re proud to have worked with APD Communications to play a role in thanking them – and everyone else who helps keep us safe.

Rhiannon explains why APD chose Nova:

“Having spent time in control rooms, we really wanted to create a video that said ‘Thank You’ to the amazing unsung heroes of emergency control rooms. It needed to be right first time and it needed to be genuine and heart felt so Nova Studios were an obvious choice. 

“The team just got it and were incredibly easy to work with on the script and the filming. The finished film was beyond our expectations and had fantastic feedback at the awards. We’re really looking forward to working with Nova on a number of up and coming projects.”

We hope you enjoy the film.

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