A new look for Nova Studios


We’re delighted to launch Nova Studios beautiful new website, with fantastic design work by Sophie Garwell and top webby doings by Matt Tennant who have both been extremely clever and very patient in helping us to create a site that we feel reflects our style and values.

The design work has evolved considerably but Sophie’s early inspiration came from some of the mid-century illustrated kids books that Nova’s Matt Stephenson collects – particularly these ‘Read and Find Out’ books – you’ll see the similarities in the font and we’ve retained aspects of the blocky, printy page layout.

We originally thought we’d have illustrations too, but the whole thing felt a bit too analogue when really we’re a very digital – so we ditched that and stuck with imagery from the films we produce.

We’re a busy business and we make so much content – there’s loads of work that we wanted to include on the site – so keeping the layout and navigation bold, clear and straightforward was crucial.

But it was also vital that site felt like it belonged to us. We want our partners and clients to see that we’re modern, creative and style-conscious, that we’re straightforward, open and friendly, that service, quality and production values matter, that we care about inclusion and diversity.


We don’t want to brag or make outrageous claims, but we do want to stand-out. That’s because we think we’ve got something special: our people, who they are, their ideas and their skills.

And we want that special thing to work – for you.

So we’d like to welcome you to our new shop. Come in and have a look round, we hope you see things that you like – and please do give us a shout if you have any questions.

We’re always happy to help.

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