Working with the people of Hull to keep the city safe.

During hard times unity is what gives us strength.

We were proud to work with Hull City Council creating a film as part of their campaign ‘Let’s Keep Hull Covid-19 Safe’.

All our lives have been affected by the virus and with the UK entering into stricter measures this Autumn Hull’s infection rate became the nation’s highest.

But rather than finger wag, lecture and pile on the doom and gloom, we hope the film offers belief, comfort and a sense of belonging.

As a difficult year draws to an end with the prospect of a Christmas spent apart from our loved ones it’s important to remind ourselves why we’re making these sacrifices: We’re doing it for our friends, our family, our colleagues. We’re doing it so we can get back to normal and all be together again.

It was really important to us, and Hull City Council, that the film featured a cross section of Hull faces representative of the rich diversity that makes up the city.

Shot the week before tier two restrictions were announced, the film takes a whistle stop tour of Hull speaking to its people about their own reasons for following the rules.

No matter our age, race, sexuality, gender or job, we’re all in this together.

From 13-year-old Alfie doing his bit to protect his grandparents to Dr Biju Cherian working on the front line at Hull Royal Infirmary every one has their part to play.

As Beats Bus’ Dave Okwesia puts it – “If you can help your neighbour, you can help yourself.

“It’s all about love and understanding and unity.”

We hope you enjoy the film and to be together again soon.

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